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Difakrat 50gr

How to use the grain bait "Difakrat "
" Difakrat – is a ready-to-use poisoned food for the extermination of mice, small and large rats in the form of a grain mixture treated with the toxic drug difenacum at a concentration of 0.005 %.

The bait is designed for use in open areas and in rooms of any purpose. It is prohibited for use in the access area of children and pets, birds.

It is delivered in packages of 50 g, packed in corrugated boxes of 100 pcs. The shelf life is 2 years.

Advantages of the bait

  • grain is a common food for rodents, so the bait does not cause suspicion;
  • it is convenient to gnaw the grains and drag them into the burrows in reserve, where the poisoned food is eaten by pregnant females and young animals that do not leave the burrow;
  • difenacum is a 2nd generation anticoagulant, a lethal dose of poison enters the rodent's body in the diet of one day;
  • the bait is convenient to use and has an affordable price.

Method of application
Small portions of grain are laid out on substrates or in bait houses in the habitats and movement of pests.

To combat mice, it is enough to decompose "Difacrate" in portions of 10-20 g after 2-5 m. Rats like larger portions-from 30 g, the interval between the layout points is 3-10 m. The amount of bait used and the distance between the portions are determined individually, depending on the number of rodents, the area of the object.

You need to work with the bait in rubber gloves. Check the layout points regularly and add food until it stops disappearing – this is a sign that the rodents have been exterminated.