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Katril® - Dez


It is intended for low-temperature disinfection of process equipment, tanks, reservoirs, pipelines, equipment, containers by circulation, irrigation, immersion. It is used in closed automated washing systems (CIP-washing).

It can be used for disinfection of waste water, circulating water in cooling systems, for biocidal treatment of various surfaces and products, for removing so-called bio-film in drinking water supply systems.


Disinfectant based on peracetic acid (NAA) (13.5 - 15.0)% and hydrogen peroxide - (15 - 25)%. Has a high bactericidal, fungicidal, sporicidal effect. Effective against all groups of microorganisms and viruses, even at low temperatures and for a short time of exposure, has a strong bactericidal activity against spore-forming bacteria, CGB and yeast.


  • wide spectrum of action, active at low temperatures;
  • does not have a negative impact on ceramics, polymeric materials, glass;
  • ecologically, biodegradable (decomposes into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen);
  • rapid removal of residual amounts during rinsing;
  • possibility of repeated use.


Mechanized (circulation and SIP) washing

Concentration of 0.015-0.025% (according to DV-NAA);

Temperature 5-25 ° С

Soaking method

Concentration 0.015% (according to DV-NAA);

Temperature 5-25 ° С

Exposition 20-40 minutes


Polyethylene cans with a capacity of 5 l (5 kg) and 20 l (22 kg).

Upon agreement with the consumer, other types of packaging and packaging that ensure the safety of the product are allowed.