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Rosinka Lotion for the ears 30ml

Rosinka ear lotion is used to remove sulfur and products of inflammation from the auricle and external ear canal, as well as for hygienic treatment of the ears before using medicines.
General information: The ear lotion is a transparent liquid of golden color with a herbal smell, it contains: drinking water, propylene glycol, dimethylsulfoxide, marigold extract, dry, hyaluronic acid.
Ear lotion is a moisturizing and cleansing lotion for the ears, the components that make up the hygienic component help dissolve sulfur, allow efficient cleaning of the auricle of the animal; soften the skin of the ear canal, and also prevent the appearance of abundant ear extracts and unpleasant odor.
Calendula extract dry normalizes the structure of the skin of the auricle, increases its resistance, moisture and elasticity.
Lotion on the degree of exposure to the body refers to low-risk substances, does not have a local-irritant and sensitizing effect. Well tolerated by dogs and cats of different breeds and ages.