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Dirofen Suspension 20 for rodents

A wide range of action on round and banded helminths.
Stimulation of immunity and processes of bowel regeneration, traumatized by parasites, thanks to the pumpkin oil included in the composition, which has an additional helminthic property.
Convenient dosages according to the species, age and weight of the animal.
Composition: Pirantel pamoate 15 mg / ml, praziquantel 5 mg / ml, excipients up to 1 ml.
Dirofen suspension is prescribed with a preventive and curative purpose for nematodes (toxocarosis, toxascaridosis, uncinoriasis, trichocephalus, hookworm), cestodoses (tenidosis, dipylidiosis, echinococcosis, diphyllobothriasis, mesocestidosis) and mixed nematode-cestode invasions. The main difference in the composition. Dirofen is a milder drug. Dirofen is produced not only for cats and dogs, but also for rodents. There is an additional form - paste. And the dosage of tablets Dyrofen is designed for small animals.
Prophylactic deworming is carried out once in four months, as well as before vaccination without reference to seasonality.
When treating a strong degree of helminthic invasion, the effect of using an anthelmintic preparation will be seen visually.
Active substances of anthelmintic drugs cause paralysis and death of helminths, which contributes to their removal from the zhkt more often in a dead form.