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Dirofen pills for cats and dogs 6 * 200

The traditional formula of "pyrantel + praziquantel" is enhanced by febantel and provides efficacy, as well as lack of resistance in parasites.
The possibility of dividing each tablet into 4 parts, the convenience of dosing according to the weight of the animal.
The porous structure eliminates the formation of sharp corners.
Composition: pyrantel pamoate - 75 mg / tab, febantel - 75 mg / tab, praziquantel - 25 mg / table, excipients up to 1 mg. Dirofen tablets are given to cats and dogs from 3 weeks of age with a preventive and curative purpose for nematodes (toxocarosis, toxascaridosis, uninorianosis, trichocephalosis, hookworm), cestodoses (thhenidosis, dipylidiosis, echinococcosis, diphyllobothriasis, mesocestidosis) and mixed nematode-cestode invasions.
Anthelminthic drugs give animals once in the morning feeding with a small amount of food or forcibly on the root of the tongue. In a severe degree of helminthic invasion, deworming is repeated after 10 days. With the preventive purpose, deworming is carried out quarterly, and also before each vaccination.
All anti-helminthics of Api-san complex preparations. Their components affect both round and ribbon helminth parasites in the gastrointestinal tract in dogs, cats and rodents.