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15 interesting facts about rats

1. Albino rats owe their existence to a white rat,
which Jack Black captured in the garden of Queen Victoria.

2. Some rats may have 20 babies at one birth.

3. The oldest rat in the Guinness Book of Records was 7 years and 4 months. Rats live on average for 2-3 years.

4. In 1961, the first rat was sent from France into space.

5. Rat teeth grow throughout life.

6. The first laboratory rat was obtained in Europe in 1828.

7. Thanks to a study of the internal knowledge of rats, the 300th generation was able to get rats that were 99% similar to each other. This figure even exceeds the size of the clones obtained.

8. The search for active, intact, laboratory rats can last 17-20 days.

9. Having seen a dream, rats can laugh, as no one can hear.

10. In ancient Rome, mice and rats were called the same name - big rats and small rats.

11. Rats see poorly and colors do not differ at all.

12. Because rats do not sweat, the tail is used as a body temperature meter.

13. Rats have a navel on their belly.

14. Rats have no gallbladder.

15. The fur of rats has the smell of carbonated grape drink.