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The sequence of steps for correct vaccination with the spray method

Key points that determine the success of vaccination with a spray method


  1. Only feed a healthy bird
  2. Ensure that the equipment and supplies intended for vaccination are clean and free of disinfectants
  3. Monitor the droplet size and spray volume per time unit
  4. The generators used (sprays) must be corrosion-resistant, any design that produces monodisperse particles with a diameter of 150-250 μm
  5. Test your device, designed to create a spray, filling it with distilled water and using water-sensitive paper. This makes it possible to verify that all particles of the spray have the same value. For the same purpose, you can spray a dark wall or a light concrete floor with a spray
  6. Prepare in advance a plan for vaccinating the bird with a spray method, canceling the way in which you will move through the house during this procedure
  7. When carrying out the vaccination with a spray-method for the first time, it is advisable to fill the spray with a solution of water rather than a solution of the vaccine. This approach makes it possible to select the optimal spray consumption and the route for the poultry during the procedure
  8. Check when it is necessary, whether the batteries of the equipment used are fully charged
  9. Pull the electrical cable along the route of your movement to the poultry house during the vaccination (when necessary)
  10. Calculate the amount of water required for vaccination
  11. Check that the sprayer nozzle is not clogged
  12. Ideally, it is best to use distilled water (free of chlorine, metal ions). It is more preferable to use water with a pH in the range of 6.5 to 7.5. Water should be at room temperature (20-22 ° C)
  13. Open the vial of the vaccine, fill it up to 1/2 of the volume, cover with a rubber stopper and shake until the drug dissolves completely. Pour the contents into a container with water, where it is planned to prepare a solution for vaccination. Rinse the vial several times so that no vaccine remains in it.

Vaccination of poultry (broilers and chickens) with its floor contents

  1. Increase the intensity of room lighting in order to increase bird activity
  2. Stimulate the churning of birds into groups, passing along the premises and creating noise. With the same purpose, you can lower the temperature in the room by 1-2 degrees