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The sequence of steps for proper vaccination by the method of vaporization

On the day of vaccination


  1. Close the main tap of the drinking system and raise the nipple lines so that the birds can not drink water for one to two hours. Cups and bell-shaped drinkers must be emptied - birds should not drink for one or two hours.
  2. Mute the lighting, raise and drain the drinking lines - so the residual water from the system is removed
  3. Before starting preparation of the vaccine solution, wash your hands or use disposable gloves.
  4. Prepare the vaccine solution on a clean surface-traces of disinfectants and sanitization should be absent.
  5. Use clean materials and demineralized water to prepare a solution of the vaccine.
  6. Remove the metal cap from the vial of the vaccine, open and fill it to ½ volume, cover with a rubber stopper and shake until the drug dissolves completely. Pour the contents into a container with water, where it is planned to prepare a solution for vaccination.
  7. Rinse the vial several times so that no vaccine remains in it.
  8. Pour the vaccine solution into a bucket or main tank and mix thoroughly. After mixing, connect the automatic dosing system tube to the bucket to start filling the drinking lines (using an automatic dispensing system)
  9. Fill the drinking lines with water with the vaccine and allow the colored water to reach the ends of each drinking line. Such preparation of drinking lines will give confidence that birds in remote parts of the poultry house will also receive the vaccine along with water
  10. Close the end line valve and lower the drinker to the bird level
  11. Increase the light level and turn on the water supply
  12. Moving along the drinking lines, make the birds move
  13. Check the nipple for obstruction or leakage.
  14. Make sure that the main valve of the water supply system is opened just before all water with the vaccine is used up from the main tank - this will help to avoid the airlock.
  15. All materials and objects that have been used for vaccination, rinse in a large amount of water-you can not use disinfectants and sanitizing for this purpose
  16. Dispose of the vials containing the vaccine in accordance with current legislation
  17. Once the materials and items used for vaccination are dried, seal them in plastic bags and store them in a clean place
  18. Complete the vaccination by recording the name and serial number of the vaccine that you used on the vaccination form.