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The sequence of steps for proper vaccination by the method of vaporization

One or two days before the vaccination


  1. Store the vaccine in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2-8 oC.
  2. Check the expiry date, batch number and type of vaccine. Record these data. Check if this vaccine is suitable for the planned vaccination.
  3. Read the instructions for use of the vaccine.
  4. Preliminary survey of birds. It is forbidden to vaccinate a clinically ill or weakened bird.
  5. Make sure that there is no indication in the drinking water supply system that there are sanitizing agents and acidifying materials. Discontinue all medicines that acidify the materials and sanitation facilities at least 48 hours before the vaccination.
  6. Identify all dead spaces in the drinking system.
  7. If the main vaccine tank is used, wash it, if necessary, and check the water level.
  8. You must monitor the water level during the vaccination period you plan. If you want to vaccinate in the early morning, measure the water intake during this period.
  9. Before the start of vaccination, determine the amount of water consumed by one bird in 1.5 hours, calculate the volume of water for the entire vaccinated population and determine the number of vials of vaccine required for vaccination.
  10. In case of doubt, test the drinking water supply system before vaccination. Use the dye as an indicator.
  11. Prepare clean materials (measuring jug, agitator, water tank, etc.)
  12. Rinse cup or bell-shaped drinking bowls with clean water to remove disinfectants and sanitizing.
  13. Check the operation of the pump or automatic dosing system if you plan to use them.
  14. If the main tank is not used, fill the plastic buckets or containers with the necessary amount of water in the evening before vaccination.
  15. So you get free time at the time of vaccination.
  16. Make sure there is an adequate amount of dye or skim milk.
  17. If an automatic dosing system is used, wash it before starting the vaccination.
  18. Thoroughly plan the sequence of their actions and other details that will avoid failures on the day of vaccination.